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The idea of securing properties from unauthorized use and theft has long existed since the beginning of time. In the wake of the increase in the number of witty lock pickers and the plethora of lock picking information easily available, it is inevitable for this portable device to be brought to higher standards. Yet, high security locks were not easily available.

This has brought to the establishment of C X Industries S/B (480415-T), Evertec Ventures (KL) S/B, Evertec Ventures S/B and Evertec Ventures (JB) S/B - the organizations behind locks that truly serve their purpose; security. Firm on the philosophy of CXI is the company’s pledge to deliver a totally different level of customer experience with products of uncompromising security and innovation.

Product Resellers (Locksmiths) Location in Malaysia

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to find out our UfO®, OSOSO™, and Denttii™ padlock resellers locksmiths located in Malaysia!